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Products: Synthesizers (Single Loop, Triple Loop and Custom), Phase-Locked Oscillators (PLDRO, PLCRO, PLLCO, PLXO and Custom), Digital Decorder Modules, Custom Transceivers.

Applications: RF Frequency Sources, RF Communication and Instrumentation Systems.


In 2012, CTS completed the acquistion of Valpey Fisher Corporation.

Products: Advanced frequency control products, including: High frequency and high stability OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs; High frequency VCO/PLL modules; Hi-Rel/COTS crystal oscillators.

Applications: Wireless Base Station, Radar, GPS, SONET/SDH, Optic Networking, Telemetry & Instrumentation, Military...


Products: GPS-based time and frequency instruments, IRIG-B serial time code generators, network timeservers, and integrated distribution amplifiers.  Custom designs and off-the-shelf products provide time accuracy to 1 nanosecond, frequency stability to 1x10-12, phase coherent sinewave and digital outputs up to 300MHz, serial or NMEA interfaces, and the ability to time-tag events, program digital output pulses, self-calibrate transmitters, and synchronize equipment over large distances.

Applications: Wireless Base Stations, Television and Radio Transmitters, Data Acquisition and Logging, Instrument Synchronization, Simulcast Broadcasting, Software Defined or Phase Coherent Radios, Network Timing, Digital and Analog Signal Distribution, Scientific Test Equipment…


Products: RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave solutions for Military and Commercial Applications.  With products ranging from high reliability components to integrated transceivers.  Isolators/Circulators, Millimeter Wave Products, Switch Products, etc.

Applications: Wireless and Telecommunications, Radio Links and Navigation, Measurement Systems.

   www.sssoe.com, www.4timing.com

Products: Standard frequency control products including: crystals, clock oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, crystal filters and ceramic resonators.  Competitive cost and fast delivery.

Applications: Electronics systems requiring timing reference, frequency management, etc.

   Dielectric Resonator Oscillators

Products: Free Running DROs, External Phase-locked DROs, 1GHz - 18GHz, Low cost.

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